Brewing at Mills

Mills Brewing was started in 2015 by Genevieve and Jonny Mills. We make small batches of beer with minimal modern intervention, relying on local wild yeast cultures and the influence of nature to ferment. 

We use traditionally made floor malted grain and whole-leaf hops to produce our wort at The Salutation Inn, at Ham.

All of our beers are fermented in wooden barrels by local indigenous yeast and bacteria at our tumble-down part-15th century barrel store in rural Gloucestershire, situated at the edge of the town of Berkeley in the Severn Vale. Our slow fermentations typically take two-to-four years before being selected for bottling.


Our focus on minimal modern intervention allows us to work with, rather than against, nature. As such we welcome in seasonal temperature changes and the local microflora, working at ambient temperatures year round and embracing the variation this brings to our fermentations.

We embrace the lack of control during the fermentation, as it can conjour wonderful flavours we never could have designed, with each barrel providing nuanced variation. The majority of our beers are made by blending together different barrels and batches to draw together this array of flavours into our ideal finished drinks.

All of our beers are finished by slowly bottle-conditioning with our local wild yeast and bacteria for several months before release. Our bottles all feature artwork by Genevieve's father Martin Kaye.